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If you are facing a criminal matter, it is necessary that you know that having the legal advice of a professional expert in the Field will be essential for the final result of the procedure.

Our office, with a long history, Has Lawyers Specialized in Criminal Law successfully resolving all kinds of issues related to matters such as the following:

  • Crimes against Family Duties: Non-payment of Pensions, Child Abduction
  • Gender Violence
  • Penitentiary Law
  • Crimes of Persons: Homicide, Murders, Violations
  • Crimes against Public Health: Drug Trafficking
  • Crimes against Property: Theft, Thefts
  • Crimes against Traffic Safety: Breathalyzers, Reckless Driving, etc.
  • Crimes against honour: Slander, Injuries
  • Corporate Crimes
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury

We provide assistance; the detainee on duty, in Misdemeanor Trials and Speedy Trials.

INTERNATIONAL ADVISORS : Are, No doubt, your best option.

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