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International Advisors is a firm specialized in the Family Law. We believe that the intervention of an expert professional as a mediator between the parties can be extremely positive. Well, by encouraging dialogue, Agreements are usually made with the best conditions for both the future life of the children and all those involved in a family breakdown.

Family matters should be put in the hands of specialist professionals who know how to deal with conflicts in the most sensible way possible.

Our firm will advise you with complete confidentiality on the following issues:


Separation from marriage is a way of resolving family conflicts that may not take legal form, I mean, This is a de facto separation prior to the final processing. Temporary abandonment of the marital home does not imply abandonment of the home, nor any crime if it does not mean leaving the family economically unprotected, This is a case that is punishable.

Since the reform of the Civil Code of the year 2005, In our country, legal separation prior to divorce is not necessary. Our Attorneys Will Guide You, Reconciliation avenues exhausted, On the procedure to be followed in divorce.

In the process of separation, the measures are agreed upon by the spouses and later, it is the judge who elevates them to definitive measures.

Mutual Divorce By Mutual Consent/Litigation

The concept of divorce implies the legal disappearance of the marriage bond. Behind him, Both spouses are free to remarry.

The road to it can be traveled, either through a Uncontested Divorce in which the parties decide by consensus on the measures to be taken with respect to issues such as child custody, Visitation arrangements, Amount of maintenance or compensatory maintenance, etc.

It is no longer necessary to be separated in order to file for divorce. Three months after the celebration of the marriage, or immediately in the case of domestic violence, Divorce proceedings can be processed.

Through Mutual Agreement, The costs that are generated are cheaper, the shortest administrative times and, Of course, Agreements are those that both parties decide without the intervention of a judge.

In the case of Contentious Divorce, The choice of lawyer is essential for you to see those aspects that you consider non-negotiable resolved favorably.

Alimony/Compensatory Allowance

Alimony is the main economic obligation that makes up the marriage as long as there are children. It's not just the couple's minor children who are entitled to it, Also and according to the case, Children of legal age, the other spouse and even, Other family members. Although the usual thing is to cover the food and basic needs of the children, since in relation to the other spouse, it is called a Compensatory Pension.

The amount of these pensions may vary to a greater or lesser extent and are subject to changes in future conditions in terms of the economic capacity of those involved.

Settlement of Community Property

The liquidation of marital property consists of the inventory, Valuation and adjudication of all the assets generated and debts contracted by the couple. For the dissolution of the assets, the dissolution by divorce of the company is an essential requirement. This can occur even during the pendency of the divorce and will conclude at the end of the divorce.

Settlement can be made in the regulatory agreement. In the case of a contested divorce, It becomes a separate procedure from the divorce procedure that can be initiated by either party.

Again, in this process, Particularly important is the figure of the Mediation.

Guardianship and Custody

Guardianship and Custody is one of the functions of parents over their minor children that emanates from the Exercise of Parental Authority. In the event of a separation, The children go on to live with one of the parents, the one who holds the custody and custody of them, The other parent began to have shorter periods of cohabitation and to accept the stipulated visitation regime.

There are up to four types of Custody: Exclusive, Departure, Alternate & Shared. Each of them with specific characteristics.

Joint Custody is another possible option to be adopted by the parents in which the obligations are shared by the parents. 50%. However, This type of custody can be motivated by the intention of not having to pay alimony or for reasons of interest in the common home. That is why, Each case must be studied in detail.

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