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Lawyers Processing Spanish Nationality in Palma.

Asesores Internacional is a firm specialized in Immigration and Immigration Law.

Our Spanish nationality processing lawyers in Palma have a long history and extensive experience successfully carrying out the numerous procedures that this area of Administrative Law requires..

In our office we offer you the necessary legal services for the achievement of Spanish nationality in Palma and
establishment in Spain by any foreign citizen.

Lawyers process Spanish nationality Palma de International Advisors they will assist and advise you before any administrative procedure that you must carry out, as well as in the judicial process.

To process your Spanish nationality we recommend that you have the advice of expert professionals in immigration, and specifically in nationality files. Our lawyers processing Spanish nationality in Palma will thus avoid denial resolutions as well as having to litigate against the Administration of Justice, by bringing actions.

International Advisorsl aims to achieve the regularization of your situation in Spain in the shortest possible time.

If you need the services of an expert lawyer processing Spanish nationality in Palma, Asesores Internacional is your firm.

You should know that you can acquire Spanish nationality:

-By residence:

  • Five years: for the granting of Spanish nationality to those persons who have obtained refugee status.
  • Two years: for nationals of Ibero-American countries, Andorra, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or people of Sephardic origin.
  • One year: born in Spanish territory, married to a Spaniard, over a period of one year, born outside Spanish territory with Spanish ancestry, etc.

By nature charter:

Spanish nationality is granted by the Government by Royal Decree

-By option:

It is a benefit for foreigners who are in certain conditions, to acquire Spanish nationality. It is necessary to meet a series of requirements. Contact us.

Asesores Internacional will advise you before the exam to be able to acquire Spanish nationality.

Our lawyers processing Spanish nationality in Palma recommends you to have prepared the battery of questions that can be submitted. International Advisors can provide you with such questions and advise you on the answers.

As a rule, this exam requires an acceptable knowledge of the Spanish language and pass a questionnaire posed by the person in charge of the Civil Registry.

The results of this test are decisive to be able to acquire Spanish nationality, given that depending on the results achieved, Spanish nationality may be denied for not justifying a sufficient degree of integration into Spanish society. Get in our office a questionnaire of typical answers questions to pass this exam.

International Advisors: Expert lawyers processing Spanish nationality in Palma.
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