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Have you been detained and need the assistance of a lawyer urgently?

International Advisors will assist you quickly and effectively 24 hours of the day in Palma.

Are you looking for the services of an expert lawyer to assist you at the police station or in the courts??
Contact us.
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Our urgent criminal lawyers in Palma are aware of the importance of fast and effective legal assistance in the field of Criminal law. Due to the importance and gravity of the consequences that may arise from the criminal offenses of which he is accused.

  • If you are arrested, contact immediately with a lawyer, must be present at the time of your declaration at the police station or before the Courts.
  • If you are summoned to testify before the police or courts, call us immediately.
  • You have the right not to declare until you are assisted by a lawyer. The recommendation of our urgent criminal lawyers in Palma is that don't sign anything until you have the presence of a lawyer
  • In the face of an arrest, has a term of 8 hours to be assigned a lawyer.
  • If you are not entitled to free assistance, You will be obliged to pay the fees to the public defender assigned to you.

International Advisors has expert urgent criminal lawyers in Palma who will go wherever you need it.
Contact us as soon as possible. Wait for us to arrive to declare. Trust our experience.

Our urgent criminal lawyers in Palma will assist you both as a defense or as an accusation. We will assist you regardless of the reason for your detention.

Our urgent criminal lawyers in Palma will provide you with the assistance you need from the moment of arrest until the end of the subsequent criminal process.

International Advisors: Do not hesitate, contact our professionals. We are experts.

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The difference is in the quality of our services and in the professionalism and efficiency of all the members of our team..

We are the solution to your legal problems.

You will find us in Carrer de Jeroni Pou, 24, 07006 Palm, Balearic Islands.